The importance of RTP in online gambling

  • Jan 23, 2021

Netent is one of the biggest and oldest igaming companies in the world. It prides in making slots having the highest RTPs. You can read more about this company at .

What is RTP?

RTP or Return to Player is an indicator of a slot's attractiveness to players. is a site that explains all the relevant terms used in an online casino.

In mathematical terms, RTP tells you the amount of money that a slot machine can return to you over a certain period. RTP is expressed in terms of percentage.


Example of RTP

All slot machines have RTPs. For example, a Netent slot may have a Return to Player value of 96%. Another slot may have a different RTP, say 94%. So, RTPs vary across slots.

RTP explained further

Suppose, a slot has 90% RTP. This means that a bettor who has wagered $1 10 times on that slot, will win $9 over a period. The balance $1 goes to the casino.

  • High RTP slots payout more in the long run.
  • Netent has some of the highest RTP slots.

Is RTP the sole criterion?

While choosing your slot, pay attention to its volatility also. There are 3 volatilities- High, Medium, and Low. Low and medium volatile slots pay small amounts of money regularly and carry low risk..

High Volatility Slots

Highly volatile slots can give you high payouts in a very short instant. On the other hand, you can also lose all your earnings on these slots quickly. These slots carry high risk.


Many slots use Random Number Generators to roll out combinations. These outcomes are determined by advanced algorithms and cannot be predicted. Therefore, you cannot predict your outcome if you know the slot's RTP.

  1. It is difficult to influence RNGs
  2. RNGs are the reason why online casinos are fair and dependable.

Playing at high RTP slots doesn't mean you will win necessarily. All the games are randomized so you can't predict anything. But with additional features like Wilds, Scatters and Randoms, you can win.

What is House Edge?

It means 1-RTP. If the RTP is 96%, the House Edge will be 4%. More the RTP, lesser will be the House Edge. It is assumed that RTPs are improving on video slots.

Where can I play Netent slots with the highest RTPs?

You can find these slots by directly going to the Netent website. Alternately, you can read some online reviews of Netent high paying slots. There is another website, for you to consider.

Tips to master high RTP slots

Most Netent casinos have a few demo games, so you can try them out and master your gameplay. Secondly, you can also read slot review sites to find out about these games.

Start small

If you are a new bettor, start b placing small bets. Don't get tempted by all those flashing colours and lights. Once you know your game, it is time to start betting big.

Stay away from fraud websites

Many casinos promise big monies to lure new players. Please stay away from these fraud websites. Online gambling is all about luck, skills and experience. Nobody can predict your outcomes.

Make use of your promos

Use your bonus codes, free spins and other benefits wisely. You can find the latest offers under the PROMO tab of your Netent casino. Learn how to use Wilds, Scatters and other features.

Lastly, find out slots that have high RTPs but low to medium volatility. Most importantly, play within your budget. Stick to your bankroll and play responsibly. Enjoy your game and don't get greedy.

Netent and Return to Player